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No matter how large or small your business, Xpress Press can write and distribute your press release to A-list media sources selected from a database of thousands of journalists who opt-in to receive our press releases.

Your story can be issued in as quickly as two hours, or scheduled for a particular day and time.  We offer:

  • Targeted segmentation to relevant industry sectors pulled from a database of over 200,000 media sources.
  • Email and social media distribution using Xpress Press NewsMatch(tm) technology and conversations.
  • Distribution with visibility on up to 8,000 websites via PR Newswire.
  • SEO optimized press releases help populate back links and give instant Google results.
  • Validated results via ReleaseClip that includes reporting of 50-400 website placements within hours.
  • Free editorial review of your press release at two levels.

In addition to PR Newswire, our clients' press releases are sent directly to the private email addresses of reporters who subscribe to our service (opt-in) for customized news alerts and press releases matching their areas of coverage.

At Xpress Press, no two media lists are alike. Our e-mail database includes thousands of reporters covering more than 1,000 news beats in 73 countries. In addition, tens of thousands of consumers read your release via PR Newswire's syndicate network and online archives.

Through an exclusive partnership with PR Newswire, your story runs on the same network as press releases from Fortune 500 companies, providing added visibility to tens of thousands of reporters and consumers. PR Newswire issued stories appear in more than 8,500 online news portals and databases including AOL, Yahoo, Google News, e*Trade, The Los Angeles Times, Lycos, Hoovers, LexisNexis and hundreds of other points.

Following a press release distribution, our clients are sent proof of their distribution in the form of a Release Clip (tm) Report showing where the press release receives guaranteed online placement on hundreds of websites.

Xpress Press media sources and online placements include top U.S. newspapers, magazines, freelance reporters, radio and television stations. Our clients' stories also receive online positioning at high-profile Web sites including: ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX News, Google News, Yahoo! , AOL, Lycos, The Globe and Mail (UK), The Los Angeles Times, The Seattle Times, eTrade, and thousands more online media outlets.

XPN Advantages

  • Public relations services have been our core business since 1995.
  • Toll-free calling and editors to talk through your assignment.
  • Full-time editorial staff for consults and writing.
  • Daily updated opt-in media contact lists by our in-house staff.
  • First source delivering tech, medical, feature and business stories.
  • More than 8,500 news distribution channels at no additional charge.
  • Access to Google News, Reuters, Bloomberg, The Associated Press, Yahoo News, e*Trade, plus leading online news aggregators and portals via PR Newswire.
  • Online archiving via a personal newsroom for added Web Visibility plus Social Media Tagging.

Our combined databases reach 200,000-plus reporters covering more than 1,000 news beats in 73 countries. Additionally, thousands of end users read your release via our syndication network and online archives.

Clients include media organizations, leading medical and scientific institutions, software companies, authors and publishing companies, Web-based and conventional businesses worldwide.

For information about our international distribution lists please email us.