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Social U: Workshops and personal training in Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

So you're not a manual reader, or a help desk user. Your mom didn't teach you social networking skills and now, darn it, you're too busy to learn on your own.

social-uXpress Press offers personalized, individual training in how to use social networking tools like Digg, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Whether you want to connect with college friends, distant relatives, or build your business network, 1-to-1 individual training is the fastest way to ramp up quickly. We make it easy: You set the goals, and we'll tailor a program that fits your deadline and time schedule. Working by phone, we'll take you step-by-step through setting up a Facebook personal, business, or fan page—including covering some of the do's and don'ts of social networking and privacy issues. Once you've established a business or fan presence, we can help you place ads on Facebook. Facebook ads are often less costly than pay-per-click Google ads and enable targeting to your exact community of buyers. In addition to Facebook set-up, we help individuals establish LinkedIn pages and make suggestions for other professional networking sites and strageties. Expand your messaging in 2011 through conversations on Twitter. We'll help you set messaging goals and manage expectations. Training is scheduled by the hour ($75 per hour). A two hour minimum appointment is required paid 72 hours in advance. Cancellation or rescheduling requires 48 hours advance notice or you will be charged for the booking. Create your own training program, or choose from one of the programs below. Social Networking 101: Overview of critical sites and applications Social Networking 202: Advanced training in Facebook and Twitter Facebook Fan Page Creation Twitter Playbook Social Networking Evaluation for your company ($1500 for a ten-page report).