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Olympic Flame Ignites Global Healing Campaign

Portland, OR — July 25, 2012 /Xpress Press/ – As the world comes together for the Olympic Opening Ceremonies on July 27th, World Heal 2012 will kick-off its initiative to create 17 days of global unity in mending humanity’s wounds and divisions.  Using the Olympic Flame as a symbol of the human spirit transcending limitations, the initiative invites people worldwide to create their own unique offerings to the healing of the whole.


“With so many cultures gathered in one place, the Olympics provide a powerful opportunity for humanity to rise above our trials of the past and strive together for the triumph of oneness.  To do this we must heal the core wounds where our divisions have been sewn, to realize that our human struggles are the same and our cooperation makes us stronger,” says World Heal Coordinator, Violet McBride.  The initiative will enlist a diverse approach by welcoming the submission of healing methods from different backgrounds and cultures, focusing on specific areas of healing for each of the 17 days of the Olympics.  Starting on the opening day, World Heal is inviting people to light a candle and send their own visions for global unity, healing, and peace into the Olympic flame.

“We would like to create a vision of humanity as a team and our unity in creating a peaceful and sustainable world as the ultimate gold,” says Ms. McBride. Using the model of the five Olympic rings, World Heal highlights the personal, interpersonal, community, international, and ancestral levels of healing, with the website offering dozens of inspirations  for people to join in, ranging from the simple to more involved. Individuals, community groups, and spiritual organizations are all encouraged to create one contribution to global healing based on their unique gifts.

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World Heal 2012 is an independent initiative under the sponsorship of the non-profit Empowerment Works, Inc.  Empowerment Works is the host of the Global Summit 2012, a social, economic, and environmental forum on co-creating our sustainable future, taking place in Olympic East London from August 15th – 17th, 2012.

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