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Thank you for your interest in XpressPRESS  press release writing, submission and editing services. We look forward to working on your next assignment. To request more information about any of our services please call +1-954-989-3338. We are located on the East Coast of the U.S. Our hours of operation are specified in New York time. We also handle service inquiries by email sent to or directly to your account executive. Business hours: Our editorial office ours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday with limited late evening, weekend and holiday service. If you have a distribution that is time sensitive after our normal business hours, please phone and send an email to If you submit a press release through our online form, please call to follow-up that we have received your after-hours request. Press releases sent after 7 p.m. EST are generally issued next business day unless otherwise specified. Contact us by fax: If you need to send a fax or provide payment information, our fax number is: +1-954-989-8693. Editorial inquiries, XpressEDIT and writing assignments: For all non-press release related information requests and general editorial inquiries, please write to: editorial (AT) or visit if your inquiry is regarding a non-press release writing assignment. XpressEDIT staff may be reached at the same office numbers provided above. Bloggers and Journalists: Journalists interested in receiving press releases and multimedia content from Xpress Press may register via our online registration form located at This URL will be moving shortly. Journalists may also register through the media login in the main menu of our pages or subscribe to our RSS feeds located here: Payment and Billing inquiries: Please direct all payment and billing inquires to +1-954-989-3338 or billing(AT)