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Preparing Providers for Hepatitis Patients: Online Hepatitis Program for Primary Care Providers Launches

The American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD) launched ACT-First: A Practical Introduction to Liver Disease. “ACT” stands for AASLD Curriculum and Training” and “First” refers to first-line providers.


The Power of the Short Story has Kept Readers Engaged for Years, and a New Market Featuring High Quality, Entertaining, and Thought-Provoking Stories Was Long Overdue

Preparing Products for New Labeling Laws

Selerant Defines Best Practices for Preparing Your Products

Block Engineering Releases Ultra-Miniaturized Quantum Cascade Laser Products

Engineering, the leader in Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) instrumentation, announced today the release of two ultra-miniaturized QCL products, the Mini-QCL (TM) Module and the new LaserTune (TM) Infrared Source.

Dr. Anish Goyal Joins Block Engineering as VP of Technology

Block Engineering, the leading manufacturer of Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) and miniaturized FTIR based infrared spectroscopy solutions, announced today that Dr. Anish Goyal has joined the company as the new Vice President of Technology.

Block Engineering Announces OEM Supply Agreement for Oil and Gas Applications

Block Engineering, the leading manufacturer of Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) and miniaturized Fourier Transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy solutions, announced today that it has signed a long-term Supply Agreement with a provider of hardened, field-based systems in the oil and gas drilling industry.

World’s Largest Chanukah Menorah on Fifth Avenue by Central Park

Menorah Parade of 200 Menorah vehicles; Hot “Latkes” on Fifth Avenue; Menorah is a unique opportunity for “Thanksgiving”

Future Systems Solutions Launches Casper Secure Drive Backup 4.0 for Symantec (PGP) and Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption

First and Only Backup Solution Designed for Windows System Disks Encrypted with Symantec (PGP) and Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption

Back to School is the Time to Educate Children on Bullying Behavior

Arts Educator Lyle Cogen Brings her Sticks and Stones Anti-Bullying Programs into the Schools to Educate, Empower and Entertain Children to Effect Change

Better Budgeting for Students: Electric Bicycles

For students living on an allowance or working while in school an electric bicycle is a smarter financial option that allows riders to bank money that would otherwise be spent on gas, insurance, licensing and other vehicle ownership expenses.

Declare Independence From Your Standing Desk; Celebrate Productivity Like Colonial Times at

Stand Up Desks Can Be Customized to Match Contemporary and Historic Interiors

Doug Vincent’s Play A Day for Grace Returns to Stage Left Studio September 19 through 22

Sam Llanas and Doug Vincent Co-Star; Llanas to Open with Solo Acoustic Set

Future Systems Solutions Releases Casper 8.0 Disk Backup Software

Future Systems Solutions, Inc. ( announces Casper 8.0, a significantly enhanced offering of its highly acclaimed hard disk backup and disk upgrade solution.

First Ever Teen Blues Trio, Chase Walker Band, to Perform at Vans Warped Tour

Chase Walker Band opens for American Idol star Casey Abrams later this year.

Declare Independence From Your Desk; Celebrate Productivity Like Colonial Times at

Amish-Made Stand-up Desks Improve Productivity for Restless Desk-Bound Professionals

Renewal Amidst the Rubble: New Book of Photographs Considers Environmental Stewardship

In her new book of photographs — Man/Earth: A View of the Modern Landscape — Grigorian draws attention to junk, abandoned factories and mines, construction debris, and other loose ends of commerce thoughtlessly cast aside.

Applied Instrument Technologies Introduces New Model in its PIONIR® Series of Analyzers

Applied Instrument Technologies, Inc. (AIT), a leading manufacturer of multi-component process analyzers has announced the introduction of its model PIONIR® XTC fuels blending analyzer.

Hepatitis Awareness: Bringing Attention to a Silent Epidemic

May 23, 2013, is Hepatitis B and C Testing and Awareness Day in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Take Your Dog this Memorial Day Weekend to these Pet-Friendly Destinations Recommended by

Want to take your dog with you on vacation during the long weekend? These places will get your dog’s tail wagging.