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Joe Schwab Joins Block Engineering as VP of Marketing and Sales

Block Engineering, a leading manufacturer of Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) based infrared analyzers, announced today that Joe Schwab has joined the company as the new Vice President of Marketing and Sales.

28th Literary Feast Brings Bestselling Authors to Fort Lauderdale in Support of Library Programming

Fort Lauderdale, FL — January 15, 2016 — Literary Feast 2016, the Broward Public Library Foundation’s annual celebration of books and authors, will feature 17 celebrated writers at two events taking place on March 4 & 5, 2016. Literary Feast authors represent a variety of genres including biography, history, literary fiction, memoir, and mystery. This [...]

Political Commentator Cokie Roberts to Speak at Library Foundation Fundraiser

Emmy Award-winning television host and NPR political commentator Cokie Roberts will bring her knowledge and perspective of Washington D.C. power dynamics—both present and past—to Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday, May 18 at a fundraising event for the Broward Public Library Foundation. The evening event, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., includes a cocktail reception, book sales and signings and a talk by Roberts at the NSU Art Museum

Cidewalk Unveils Chatting Ads

Advertisers can now let interested customers directly text message and chat with them.

Savory Street Vendor Soups Find a Home in New York City

Yelli all-natural, non-GMO soups now sold in over 100 New York groceries and markets.

Selerant Reinvents the Crystal Ball

Selerant launches a Product Portfolio Management (PPM) Analytics tool to enable process manufacturers to forecast product trends and access critical data for future project status.

Selerant Corporation Launches Supplier Collaboration Portal for Process Manufacturers

Selerant launches a new supplier collaboration tool to expedite vendor management and ensure better accuracy and efficiency.

Beauty Is Only Pixel Deep; Selerant Launches New Site with Greater Usability and Insight

Selerant launches its website with a new look, easier navigation, and more expert articles.

Mark Venske Joins Block Engineering as VP of Sales and Marketing

Block Engineering, the leading manufacturer of Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) based infrared spectroscopy solutions, announced today that Mark Venske has joined the company as the new Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Mr. Venske will lead all aspects of International Sales, Marketing, and Business Development with a focus on Block’s QCL products for oil and gas, semiconductor, and chemical gas and liquid analysis markets.

Online Startup Opens Retail Toy Store on July 4 in Downtown Mt. Shasta, California

EPuppets, Inc. opens its first brick-and-mortar store on July 4, 2015 in honor of Independence Day. Located in the heart of downtown Mt. Shasta, California, ePuppets, Inc. sells toys and gifts from around the world including puppets, marionettes, dolls, robots, remote control toys, educational toys, and more than 600 items from other well-known brands.

Petition Calls on President Obama to Protect Physicians From Impending ICD-10 Financial Crisis

Newark, Calif., June 23, 2015 — Greatly concerned about the potential for a devastating financial crisis due to the changeover to ICD-10, Newark, Calif.-based PracticeSuite has written a petition asking President Obama to issue a series of three executive orders designed to mitigate the impact on small physician practices. The software maker has posted the [...]

Advertising Strategies For Locksmiths

In the big world of advertisements a relevant role is played by advertisement strategies for professionals. Since professionals are one of the most important economical engine in UK, it’s worth to dedicate proper advertisement strategies to their job and social-economical role.

Locksmiths are those particular technicians who can promptly reach customers to help them with their [...]

How To Attract Locksmithing Customers Via PRs

The amazing role of press release for businesses of all shapes and sizes is irrefutable. We live in a fast moving world defined by nonstop web searching and socializing through social media sites. And we see content flowing everywhere we look, delivered through a wide array of platforms, devices, and in different formats. While video [...]

PR Spotlight: Free Lockouts When Children Are Involved

According to data provided by the AAA, there were over 4 million people who reported having been locked out of their vehicles in 2012 alone. Considering the fact that a great number of drivers do not benefit from AAA services, it is safe to say that the accurate number of people who lock themselves out [...]

Inspiration for Your Locksmith Press Releases

Promoting your business: It isn’t always easy, but to ensure your success, it must be done.  You might not think that you need to do too much to promote a locksmith business, but in reality, this is a competitive business.  Slack too much on promotion and you are making it easy for someone to come [...]

What to Put in a Press Release if You Are a Locksmith

Part of being successful in your field is promoting your business, but with something like locksmith services, that can be difficult.  Aside from basic advertising and a good website, what else is there to do?  For example, press releases are designed to promote new and special things; how often does something new and special come [...]

Safety Tips For Online Service Sites

While your number one concern might be to do everything in your power to promote your service business though your web site, blog, social media pages, brochures, fliers, e-books, email marketing, and whatever other means you might think of, press release distribution is one of the most powerful tools you could be currently using. A [...]

Why Powerball winners won’t share their secrets

In the world of press release it’s really hard to be able to catch readers’ attention without to forget to make a good information, being impartial and honest till to the last word.

Writing a good essay or newspaper article is often very challenging, considering that the press release companies often want custom-tailored articles to publish [...]

Top advertisement strategy for locksmith business

As any type of business, technicians and locksmiths need to advertise their services and professional activity. In order to this – especially if it’s about individual technicians – creating a good website can improve the situation very much.

Step 1: create a website

First off, consider that a website represents your unique chance to show customers or [...]

Press Release Tips For Service Businesses

Getting ready to launch and promote a brand new service for your large company or small business is not a walk in the park. And chances are you have an entire team of trained and skilled marketers working on it nonstop. The day a new service sees the light of day and reaches the hands [...]